Investigation of Time Perception and Working Memory Relation using fMRI Imaging

Time perception effects the human behaviour widely. Despite the fact that we all have the sense of the time we do not have specialized sensory reseptors for  time perception. The question how time perception occurs is a hot topic.

 It is considered that working memory takes an important role in time perception. Working memory stores the temporary information required for high level brain functions. Storing the start point of the process to be perceived, updating the information until the end of process and deciding how long the process last and finally utilization of this information is only possible with working memory. Because time perception and working memory are such entangled processes it is very diffucult make comparisons and examine these processer one by one. Until now  there is no imaging study examining both cognitive processes together.

The visual paradigm for testing the hypotheses is designed and implemented in our brain imaging lab

Project Coordınator / Thesis Advisor: Prof. Dr. Metehan Çicek

Researchers: Sertaç Ustün, H. Emre Kale