Neuro-psycho Pharmacology Laboratuary

Selected Publications

Laboratuary Cordinator: Prof. Dr. Eyüp Akarsu

Although it is not physically located in the center building the lab facilities are open for researches done in the Brain Research Center. The lab is located in Ankara University Faculty of Medicine, Pharmacology Department.

The lab is designed to conduct basic scientific research on the experimental animal (especially mice and rat) using in vivo methodologies. It has also an animal storage unit approved by the national government.

The available equipment can be used for behavioral analysis of the animals and recording the biological signals using telemetric methodology. There are devices available for evaluating learning and memory, pain threshold. To obtain brain tissue samples devices and basic equipment such as microwave fixator is available in the laboratory.

Research Projects are conducted by trained laboratory assistants and students under the supervision of the coordinator and due to project schedule. For the projects with the brain research center approval of the administrated board is required.


Phone: +90 312 595 8180
+90 0312 595 8260