About the Center

Ankara University Brain Research Center (AU-BRC) was founded on May 21 2009. Directory board consists of academicians who work on psychiatry, linguistics, neurology, physiology and electrical engineering and the center had already started activities.

Goals of the center are:

–     To produce a physical and scientific environment to enable departments related to brain research to work on multidisciplinary projects in cooperation.

–       To realize extensive national and international projects.

–       To provide technical support for management of budgeted projects.

–       To support training of successful scientists and academicians who work on related fields.

–       To increase  awareness and knowledge of the public on brain research.


a. First, establishment of a new research laboratory by the collaboration of university’s related departments, in order to provide a fully equipped laboratory where multi-disciplined and interdisciplinary work can be conducted.

b. Providing technical and scientific opportunities for the researchers to complete, masters, residency in medicine, doctoral and post-doctoral education.

c. Becoming a center of attraction for the researchers from outside our university, give access to researchers and to obtain income for the university.

d. To prepare extensive research projects and to apply for DPT, TUBITAK and international research funds.

e. To seek collaboration possibilities with national and international organizations that provide higher education or public, industrial, scientific services.

f. To organize regular scientific meetings.